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ADAS Training

September 17, 2020

By: Jamie Browning 

Not all ADAS training is created equal. In the ever-changing world of ADAS calibrations it seems like everyone is now offering "training" when you purchase equipment. There are some key questions that should be asked when inquiring about ADAS training.

Is it online or in person?

Who will be teaching the class and what experience do they have?

The instructor is just as important as the information in the class itself. 

While online courses are a great option, nothing can compare to in person training with an experienced instructor. Anyone can pick up a tablet and perform re-calibrations but having the experience of performing re-calibrations gives the students a huge advantage when they are being taught about troubleshooting, setup, and common mistakes. Most mistakes like any technical career are made early on so having an instructor with a lot of experience will certainly help you get off on the right track!


Top 10 ADAS Myths

September 16, 2020

By: Jamie Browning

In an ever-changing world of social media and misinformation here are the top 10 ADAS re-calibration myths. 

10. You must be smart or know how to program computers to re-calibrate ADAS components. 

 9. If there are no lights or codes on the dash there is no need to re-calibrate the sensors. 

 8. If you did not unplug the sensors or camera you do not have to re-calibrate it. 

 7. You need OEM tools to perform re-calibrations. 

 6. You must send the vehicle to the dealership to have it re-calibrated. 

 5. All cars will be dynamic in the future. 

 4. When performing re-calibrations you are changing the factory data in the computer. 

 3. Test driving is not required after re-calibration. 

 2. Aftermarket windshields are a bad choice if they have a factory camera attached. 

1.ADAS is just a fad and will go away soon. 

To hear more about this and hear Jamie respond to these myths listen to the podcast on our sister company's app free to download on Android and iTunes at Auto Glass Digest Talk. 

Welcome to ADAS Warehouse!

September 16, 2020

By: Your ADAS Warehouse Crew

We are so happy to be relaunching our brand and look forward to interacting with our community in a much more effective way. This blog will soon be filled with a copious amount of information about all you need to know about ADAS technology. 

We are well versed in knowledge about ADAS re-calibrations and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and services. 

Thank you for taking a look at our page and we hope to hear from you soon! 


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